About Josh Stark

Currently, I'm working on a (still-secret) new venture with Ledger Labs and Blockgeeks Lab.

At Ledger Labs I've been a client-facing blockchain technology consultant. My general role has been to be the interface between a clients' business needs and the technical solutions we develop or implement.

My particular expertise & interest is in the intersection of law & blockchain technology. My blog collects my writing & research in this area. Beginning mid-2016, this grew into a core component of my consulting work, particularly for clients in law & financial services.

Prior to my transition into full-time blockchain work in early 2015, I worked at a large full-service law firm in downtown Toronto. I am a graduate of U of T Law (J.D., 2013), and McGill University (B.A. Honours, 2009). In a past life I travelled the world arguing with people, winning both Canadian national debate championships in 2011-2012, and the Oxford IV in 2012.

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josh at ledgerlabs.com

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